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CTL Corrosion Technologies is involved in the application and maintenance of cathodic protection systems to control corrosion on metallic structures that are in contact with an electrolyte such as soil or water. CTL Technicians service all Western Canada.


We strive to conduct Cathodic Protection work in a Timely, cost-effective manner, while maintaining a high standard of safety.

What Do we Do?

Cathodic Protection Services

Cathodic Protection System InstallatioN

CTL Corrosion Technologies installs cathodic protection systems that protect metal structures exposed to soil or liquid (electrolytic) environments.

Cathodic Protection System Maintenance

Our goal is to provide an efficient Cathodic Protection System maintenance program that is coherent with the technical and budgetary requirements of our clients.

Cathodic Protection System Supplies

CTL supplies a full range of corrosion control equipment and materials such as: impressed current anodes, sacrificial/galvanic anodes, CP Rectifiers and Test Equipment.

Cathodic Protection System Surveys

CTL works closely with field operations personnel prior and during the annual CP Compliance survey. The Technician reviews the survey results and any necessary cathodic protection upgrades required for optimal system operation.

Owner / Operator Rectifier Surveillance

Rectifier readings must be obtained by qualified/certified personnel. Our technical staff can conduct routine rectifier readings and/or review and analyze supplied data and any concerns or deficiencies would be brought to the attention of field personnel.

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