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Cathodic Protection System Supply

CTL Corrosion Technologies supplies a full range of corrosion control equipment and materials, including:


  • Impressed Current Anodes
  • Sacrificial/Galvanic Anodes
  • Dielectric Isolation Kits
  • A.C. to D.C. Rectifiers
  • Coke Breeze
  • Digital Volt/Amp Meters
  • Current Interrupters
  • Reference Electrodes
  • Soil Resistance Meters
  • Current Test Meters
  • Direct Burial Cable
  • Electrical Tapes
  • System Survey Equipment
  • Test Stations

Cathodic Protection System Installation

CTL installs cathodic protection systems to protect metal structures exposed to soil or liquid (electrolytic) environments.


  • Oil/Gas/Water Pipelines
  • Oil/Gas Well Casings
  • Tank Farms
  • Plant and Battery Facilities
  • Concrete Reinforcement

Cathodic Protection System Maintenance

Proper routine maintenance is imperative for maximum efficiency and operation life of the Cathodic Protection System.

CTL Corrosion Technologies’ goal is to:

“Provide an efficient Cathodic Protection System maintenance program that is coherent with the technical and budgetary requirements of our clients.”


Cathodic Protection System Surveys

There are two main activities involved in a Cathodic Protection Survey:


  1. The inspection of the cathodic protection system (sacrificial and/or impressed current)
  2. The collection of structure-to-soil potentials on the steel structures electrically continuous with the cathodic protection system.


CTL will consult with field operations personnel prior to the survey to review any changes to the pipeline network. During and following the survey, the technician reviews the results for any necessary cathodic protection upgrades required for optimal system operation.


Minor remedial upgrades, will be addressed before leaving the field, to avoid the extra cost of a subsequent field trip. A technical report, data and deficiency list is provided, which compiles the results, and details any outstanding remedial work.


The schedule for the Cathodic Protection System Survey procedure, explained below, is determined by client requirements.


1. Inspection and adjustment of D.C. current devices (rectifiers, anode bed, test points, current control devices)

2. An interrupted, both, “ON” and “OFF” voltage readings survey is conducted. The structure-to-soil potential data collected throughout the systems provides an additional indication of the level of cathodic protection.

3. All points of electrical isolation are checked to ensure the dielectric devices remain effective.

4. Foreign structures are checked for possible stray current (interference) effects.

5. A detailed and complete report is provided to the client in a timely manner.


Owner / Operator Rectifier Surveillance

Rectifier readings must be obtained by qualified/certified personnel. Our technical staff can schedule routine rectifier readings for the client or analyze supplied data and any concerns or deficiencies will be discussed with your field personnel.

Company certified field personnel record the rectifier data and submit the information to CTL via facsimile (403-227-3842) or email (rectifiers@corrosiontechnologies.ca).

CTL will analyze the data, and any concerns or deficiencies will be discussed with field personnel. The data is tracked monthly to ensure the readings are recorded and submitted.

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