About Us

25 Years of Trusted Expertise in Western Canada's Energy Sector

Corrosion Technologies has been a respected presence in Western Canada's energy landscape for a quarter-century, operating from Calgary and Innisfail. Our ethos revolves around simplicity, transparency, trust, and innovation.

Clear & Timely Insights

In an industry riddled with technical complexities, we're committed to providing clarity. Our mission since inception has been to distill actionable insights for pipeline operators. We offer timely and clear perspectives, empowering informed decision-making across entire networks.

Streamlined Protocols & Advanced Solutions

We've developed streamlined, science-based integrity protocols to expedite effective decision-making for our clients and team. While our core technologies align with the last five decades, our advanced sensors, techniques, and data interpretation provide unique insights, often untapped by many operators.

Enhancing Visibility, Proactive Practices

Our solutions elevate visibility in complex environments, employing cutting-edge techniques to address unique challenges. By delivering accurate reports and actively monitoring site conditions, we transform integrity management into a proactive practice.

Dedicated to Reliability & Innovation

Corrosion Technologies remains steadfast in delivering reliable, effective, and transparent pipeline integrity solutions. We're committed to simplifying complexities and setting new industry standards as we move forward.


A Quarter Century Of Integrity

Celebrating a legacy of 25 years, Corrosion Technologies has been a pioneering force in Western Canada's energy sector. Our history is a testament to our dedication to simplicity, transparency, trust, and relentless innovation.

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Subscribe To Our Newsletter

Stay up to date with our latest news, pilot programs and integrity protocols.

Stay up to date with our latest news, pilot programs and integrity protocols.