Annual Surveys

A Proactive Approach To Pipeline Safety

In the realm of pipeline safety, our commitment stands firm — an unwavering dedication to proactive measures that safeguard against potential risks and failures. Dive into the heart of our cathodic protection services, where precision, optimization, and quality converge for a robust defense of pipeline integrity.

Precision In Practice

Comprehensive Procedures For Annual Cathodic Protection Surveys

At the core of our approach lies precision — a meticulous undertaking that ensures the longevity and reliability of your pipeline infrastructure. Here's a breakdown of the comprehensive procedures we implement at Corrosion Technologies:

Inspection and Adjustment of D.C. Current Devices

Our experts meticulously inspect and fine-tune rectifiers, anode beds, test points, and current control devices, ensuring optimal functioning for our cathodic protection procedures.

Interrupted Voltage Readings Survey

We conduct thorough surveys, measuring both "ON" and "OFF" voltage readings. The collected structure-to-soil potential data provides a valuable indicator of the level of cathodic protection, allowing us to identify and address potential issues promptly.

Electrical Isolation Checks

Every point of electrical isolation undergoes rigorous scrutiny to guarantee the effectiveness of dielectric devices, ensuring that your cathodic protection system operates at peak efficiency.

Foreign Structure Assessment

Our surveys extend beyond the pipeline itself. We meticulously check for potential stray current effects on foreign structures, mitigating interference risks that could compromise your pipeline's integrity.

Detailed and Timely Reporting

Our commitment to transparency is reflected in the detailed and timely reports we provide. You receive a comprehensive overview of survey results, including a deficiency list and recommendations for any necessary remedial work.

Enhancing Pipeline Efficiency

Activities During and After Annual Cathodic Protection Surveys

Efficiency is not just a goal; it's the outcome of strategic actions taken throughout the annual cathodic protection survey process. Here's an insight into the activities conducted to optimize your pipeline's performance:

Pre-Survey Consultation with Field Operations Personnel

Before diving into the survey, our technicians engage with your field operations personnel. This pre-survey consultation ensures that any recent changes to the pipeline network are thoroughly reviewed, setting the stage for a comprehensive assessment.

Real-Time Review of Survey Results

Our technicians are on the ground during the survey, reviewing results in real-time. This proactive approach allows for immediate identification of any necessary cathodic protection upgrades required for optimal system operation.

On-Site Addressing of Minor Remedial Upgrades

Recognizing the value of your time and resources, we address minor remedial upgrades on-site. By doing so before leaving the field, we prevent the need for an additional field trip, saving you significant time and costs.

Comprehensive Technical Report, Data, and Deficiency List

Our commitment to transparency shines through in the deliverables. We provide a detailed technical report, complete with data analysis and a deficiency list. This compilation not only outlines the survey results but also specifies any outstanding remedial work required for a thorough understanding and strategic decision-making.

Our Commitment To Quality

Clear Results and Solutions in Our Cathodic Protection Survey Report

Quality is not just a goal; it's our standard. Our commitment to delivering excellence is evident in every cathodic protection survey report we produce.

Quality is not just a goal; it's our

standard. Our commitment to

delivering excellence is evident in

every cathodic protection survey

report we produce.

Clear and Concise Results

Our reports cut through complexity, presenting clear and concise results. We break down technical data into understandable insights, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your pipeline's condition.

Actionable Solutions

Beyond diagnosis, we provide actionable solutions. Our commitment to quality extends to offering clear recommendations and solutions, empowering you to make informed decisions for the continued integrity of your pipeline.

Transparent Communication

Our commitment to quality includes transparent communication. We keep you informed at every step, ensuring you have a full grasp of the survey results, recommendations, and any necessary steps for remedial work.

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Stay up to date with our latest news, pilot programs and integrity protocols.

Stay up to date with our latest news, pilot programs and integrity protocols.