AC Mitigation

Mitigating AC Interference for Robust Pipeline Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion Technologies takes a proactive stance in the face of AC interference, offering a suite of specialized services designed to mitigate its impact and ensure robust pipeline corrosion prevention. Our comprehensive AC Interference services encompass every stage of the mitigation process.

  • Initial Field Testing

  • Interference Modeling

  • AC Mitigation Design

  • AC Mitigation Installation

  • AC Mitigation Monitoring and Evaluation

  • 3rd Party Review

What is AC Mitigation?

Within infrastructure protection, AC mitigation acts as a defense against the corrosive effects of alternating current (AC). Understanding the importance of AC mitigation involves unraveling its foundational techniques and principles.

AC mitigation employs strategic methods to counteract AC's corrosive impact on diverse assets. Fundamental techniques include effective grounding systems to safely dissipate unwanted AC currents. Additionally, interference modeling predicts AC interference behavior, guiding the development of targeted mitigation strategies.

At Corrosion Technologies, we meticulously approach AC mitigation, tailoring techniques to suit each infrastructure's unique characteristics. Our focus on unraveling AC mitigation complexities empowers clients with knowledge, forming a strong basis for effective corrosion prevention.

Real World Application for AC Mitigation

AC mitigation's effectiveness is evident in its real-world applications across diverse industrial and critical infrastructure settings. In environments where electrical transmission lines intersect with pipelines, AC mitigation becomes crucial to protect vital energy transportation routes.

Our expertise in AC mitigation spans real-world scenarios where pipelines and AC transmission lines coexist. Implementing targeted strategies, we've successfully mitigated AC's corrosive impact, ensuring the durability and resilience of critical infrastructure. These practical applications underscore AC mitigation's versatility and effectiveness in safeguarding assets against AC's corrosive forces.

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Stay up to date with our latest news, pilot programs and integrity protocols.

Stay up to date with our latest news, pilot programs and integrity protocols.