AC Interference

Addressing AC-Induced Pipeline Corrosion

What is AC Interference?

Unraveling the Impact on Pipeline Integrity

AC interference arises when pipelines and power lines intersect, leading to potential safety hazards for personnel and integrity risks due to AC corrosion. With pipelines and electrical transmission lines often sharing right-of-ways (ROW), the prevalence of AC interference has surged, necessitating a strategic response to safeguard pipeline integrity

Understanding AC interference is crucial in mitigating its impact on pipeline health. At Corrosion Technologies, we simplify this complex phenomenon to provide insights crucial for effective mitigation strategies. From understanding coupling intricacies to assessing implications for pipeline integrity, this section outlines key aspects of AC interference.

Our Quality Services

Elevating AC Mitigation for Maximum Protection

The essence of our commitment lies in elevating AC mitigation to the highest standards, delivering maximum protection to our clients' assets. At Corrosion Technologies, our specialized and quality services form the backbone of our comprehensive approach to corrosion prevention.

Field Testing

Our journey begins with meticulous initial field testing to assess the extent of AC interference. This phase serves as the foundation for developing targeted mitigation strategies tailored to the specific conditions of the infrastructure and its surroundings.


We employ sophisticated interference modeling techniques to predict and analyze the behavior of AC interference. This step allows us to anticipate potential challenges and refine our mitigation approach for maximum effectiveness.


Our team of experts craft customized AC mitigation designs based on the insights gathered from field testing and interference modeling. These designs are strategic roadmaps for implementing mitigation measures that precisely address the unique challenges posed by AC interference.


Putting theory into action, our skilled technicians execute the AC mitigation designs with precision and expertise. From installing protective measures to implementing grounding strategies, this phase is crucial in fortifying infrastructure against the corrosive effects of AC interference.


Mitigation is an ongoing process, and we remain vigilant in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of implemented measures. Our monitoring services ensure that the infrastructure continues to receive optimal protection against AC-induced corrosion, adapting strategies as needed.

Corrosion Challenges

The Effect of AC Interference on Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control

AC interference presents substantial risks, impacting both personnel safety and the structural integrity of pipelines. Unsafe AC voltages transmitted to pipelines can endanger personnel working nearby. Furthermore, AC interference's effects on integrity can compromise cathodic protection systems, hastening corrosion and potentially weakening pipeline structures.

Understanding the impact of AC interference is crucial in the realm of cathodic protection and corrosion control. We delve into the intricate dynamics between AC interference and cathodic protection, exploring the complex corrosion challenges it presents. From safety concerns to integrity risks, our exploration focuses on how AC interference shapes corrosion control strategies and its implications for ensuring the long-term health of pipelines.

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